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Partnership - 20/03/14

So we recently got approached by a popular estate agents with a proposal to fit out 100 of their homes with our luxury fireplaces. This was to be our biggest deal to date.

The brief was to fit each of the 100 hundred homes with a stylish and decor relevant fireplace. This was lamost fun for us as it involed a bit of creativity in trying to pick the right fireplace for the house.

Each installment took on average 1 day to complete from start to finish, now we didn't have 100 days to do this so help was called in. After recruiting another couple of engineers we had the job done in only 20 days. I rather impressive feet to those who know the fireplace installment business.

So if you are looking for an estate agent in Clacton and settle on Abbotts, then you will probably end up with one of our very own luxuy fireplaces.

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