Our Products

We sell a huge range of fireplaces from only the best and well known brands, a couple of our favourites are Napoleon and Regency. Be sure to check them out and buy yours today!


- Wood Burning

Model: IETBG9538H Model: PUIRGF935G Model: LIYAER6THD Model: ALDIYRG85T

- Gas

Model: AURGFVGH55 Model: ALRIYG856G Model: AUIERTG765 Model: ITYEG975HJ

- Electric

Model: AILRG9476R Model: ELITYG857D Model: IOUHTY7658 Model: OUTEY56783


- Marble

Model: AERUH4976W Model: EIUTG38665 Model: LKTG38562G

- Wooden

Model: LAIERYTG83 Model: AHGA973HGJ Model: IALSRG935H

- Lime

Model: IAYGF8356G Model: IYWRTG9537 Model: AKEURTG35G

- Granite

Model: AUWRTGV759 Model: BKISA9875S



We have teamed up with our partners at Trade Radiators to help meet all of your heating needs. We now provide radiatiators in all shapes, styles and materials to ensure that we will have the right one for you. Check out or new range.

Aluminium Radiators

Lamp Lamp Lamp

We provide a great range of radiators to suit any home, even if you are on a tight budget. We have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, whether you are looking for something small to put in the corner of a room or something large that will run the length of a hall way we have the design for you.

Our aluminium radiators provide ultra-efficient heat transfer and are lighter and easier to install than other radiators. Their incredibly efficient design means that they will save you far more money in the long run than other radiators.

Steel Radiators

Lamp Lamp Lamp

We provide an excellent range of stylish designer stainless steel radiators which come in either highly polished chrome or metallic finish or a slightly more subtle satin finish. These contemporary stylish radiators will complement the décor of any room and can even act as a centre piece in their own right. Please visit us for more information on our range.

Bespoke Staircases

We have recently teamed up with our new partners at Allstar Joinery to help customers in the process of re-decorating their homes find a great deal on custom bespoke staircases. They are one of Scotland's leading providers of staircases for commercial and private customers and have recently opened up their showroom to help those looking for a unique staircase for any home. We highly recommend their wooden staircases, especially if you;re interested in our Wooden fireplaces and want a matching staircase to complete a desired look.

Spare Furniture

A lot of the clients we work with are in the hospitality and leisure sector. While many of the great pubs and restaurants we've worked with across the country have fantastic looking centrepiece fireplaces in their businesses, many won't put much thought in to what everything looks like in the back office. If you're running a business where most of your time is spent out on the floor rather than in the windowless back office, we can't recommend a better place to get used office furniture than Gazelle Furniture in Bristol. the lovely folk here helped furnish our tiny office at a great price and we've been recommend them to other local businesses who want good looking and useful furniture in their workplace, but don't like the idea of having to spend a fortune in IKEA..


A big part of our customer base are of customers in the process of re-doing the heating systems at home. If you're about to get the boiler a good seeing to or need a new one, we recommend our friends MJT Controls down in Bristol.  They've been helping home owners with bust water systems hunt down everything from Potterton boiler spares to central heating gas valves. They have better prices than B&Q and the ilk, so we recommend them highly