Eger24 Testimonial

One of our regular business customers has agreed to give provide the workers of Archie’s Fireplaces with some valuable insights on how important well-presented centrepiece fireplaces can to their business.

Before we go into the details lets first get acquainted with Sasha Townsend. Sasha works and part owns Eger24, one of the leading brands in the commercial and office space rental markets. Eger24 are the largest and most popular office space rental companies operating in UK.

From humble beginnings, Sasha along with her husband Tom (the quieter one) embarked on a journey that has stretched more than 15 years to date. They first got into the market when Sasha’s father was looking to start his own business post retirement. Her father struggled to find appropriate accommodation, from there, Sasha searched franticly for the appropriate office and shop floor space her father needed for his business.

Eventually she found her father the space he required. From there, Sasha started gathering data in order to help local businesses and entrepreneurs find the perfect match for their specific business needs.

Then came the dot com boom, with all the data and clout Sasha had she got on the web early ahead of competitors and…. Eger24 was born and the rest is history as they say!

So what has Sasha’s business and our fireplace business got in common? Sasha’s Eger24 business is built on dedication, if a property located in a trendy city area didn’t rent Sasha invested in making it happen. One thing she found sold properties to clients was centre piece fireplaces.

Sasha found investing and locating eye catching fireplaces in visitor reception areas and in the main director’s offices hugely increases the chances of an early rental.

This is an expensive tactic that has worked well and will continue to do so for Eger24. This is just one small tip from the management team at Eger24 that has set their business alite!

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